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  • Ankle Arthroscopy Ankle Arthroscopy

    Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which an arthroscope, a small, soft, flexible tube with a light and video camera at the end, is inserted into the ankle joint to evaluate and treat a variety of conditions. The camera projects an image of the inside of the joint onto a large monitor, allowing your surgeon to look for any damage, assess the type of injury and repair the problem.

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  • Achilles Tendon Repair Achilles Tendon Repair

    The Achilles tendon is often injured during sports activities, resulting in an inflammatory condition called tendonitis, which is characterized by swelling and pain. In some cases, severe injury results in a tear or rupture of the Achilles tendon, requiring immediate medical attention.

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  • Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

    Ankle ligament reconstruction may be performed arthroscopically under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make small incisions in your ankle. A tiny camera and a few special instruments are inserted through the incisions to repair and strengthen the ligaments. Stretched or torn ligaments will be shortened and stitched as needed. Sometimes, a weakened ligament is reconstructed with a section of tendon derived from the foot and around the ankle.

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  • Ankle Instability Surgery Ankle Instability Surgery

    Ankle instability is a chronic condition characterized by the recurrent slipping of the outer side of the ankle. Instability is generally noticed during movement of the ankle joint, but can also occur while standing.

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  • Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of the Foot Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of the Foot

    Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of the foot is a surgical procedure performed to repair serious fractures (broken bones) of the foot that cannot be fixed with a splint or a cast.

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  • Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of the Ankle Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of the Ankle

    Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) of the ankle is a surgical procedure performed to repair serious fractures (broken bones) of the ankle. It is performed on one or more of the three bones that form the ankle joint.

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  • Achilles Tendinitis Treatment Achilles Tendinitis Treatment

    Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation and irritation to the Achilles tendon, a strong fibrous cord present behind the ankle that connects your calf muscles to the heel bone. Certain activities can cause an overuse injury to the Achilles tendon, particularly in middle-aged people participating in sports activities occasionally.

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  • Treatment of Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries Treatment of Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

    Injuries during sports are common. They can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises. Injuries to the foot and ankle are common while playing sports such as football, hockey, skating and in weekend athletes. Common sports injuries include sprains and strains, ankle fractures and Achilles tendinitis.

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  • Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation Foot & Ankle Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation programs provide a wide range of exercises that are safe and effective for your particular condition and are best performed under the supervision of your doctor or physical therapist. These programs focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles and tendons of the lower leg, feet, and ankles to relieve pain and soreness, keep the muscles flexible, provide stability and prevent future injury.

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